Discovering a New Form

Narrative writing for Business is more than just a profile crammed with geotags and keywords culminating in a call to action. A narrative should be used to promote an emotional response, to engage the reader, make them want to continue a relationship with the people who provide a product or a service. A story, with a beginning, middle and an end. A character and a setting. … Continue reading Discovering a New Form

May the Road Rise to Meet You…

A short script by Carolyn Smith 28th October 2018 FIRST DRAFT 4th Pass INTRODUCTION Harry Davies is a handsome young advertising executive. Latest power hair-cut. Brown expensive shoes with no socks. White shirt, tight blue jeans and dark blue jacket. SCENE 1 INT. HARRY’S DESK. DAY Harry is talking through headphones at his desk. He is looking at two monitors as well as a … Continue reading May the Road Rise to Meet You…

The Luck of the Irish

‘What‘ll ya have, Seamus?’ Lonnie O’Sullivan asked the next man lined up to his bar. ‘A pint of your finest ale Mr O’Sullivan if you please.’ Lonnie surveyed his domain with satisfaction. The saloon was scattered with miners.  The pall of smoke from pipes and hand-rolled cigarettes hung over the tables. Across the room, his wife, Sarah, played the piano. He smiled to himself, thinking … Continue reading The Luck of the Irish

Rain didn’t dampen dogs’ day in Durack

On a small acreage south of Brisbane Kim Jennings and her family currently have a menagerie including chickens, parrots and dogs, lots and lots of dogs. Kim breeds Tenterfield Terriers and has invited me along to the 2018 Dog Show Spectacular held at the Durack Showgrounds, where Stilwater Jack o’ Spades known as Jake, and Stilwater Queen o’ Hearts, or Evie, will compete in the … Continue reading Rain didn’t dampen dogs’ day in Durack

Boost your mental power with Yoga

Conveniently located in Brisbane’s CBD, Better Yoga offers women the opportunity to boost brainpower, increase health and wellness, join a multicultural, friendly community learning and practising the art of Yoga. Find a class to suit your needs at a time convenient for you, with early morning, evening and lunchtime sessions available. We cut through the mumbo-jumbo! The origin of the word ‘yoga’ is from ‘yuj’, … Continue reading Boost your mental power with Yoga