Boost your mental power with Yoga

Yoga poses are designed to stimulate different bodily systems.

Conveniently located in Brisbane’s CBD, Better Yoga offers women the opportunity to boost brainpower, increase health and wellness, join a multicultural, friendly community learning and practising the art of Yoga. Find a class to suit your needs at a time convenient for you, with early morning, evening and lunchtime sessions available.

We cut through the mumbo-jumbo!

The origin of the word ‘yoga’ is from ‘yuj’, the Sanskrit word meaning to unify or to yoke. At Better Yoga, we pride ourselves on merging science with Yoga founding ethics. Bringing mind and body together in balance, using gentle, natural movements designed to increase your brain power, restore spiritual energy and dispelling stress. According to Indian tradition, the ultimate goal of Yoga is ‘moksha’ which means liberation or release.

Yoga is often confused with Pilates

Yoga is an ancient mind-body system of wellbeing that ultimately aims to still the mind. Pilates is a series of exercises aimed at strengthening the core.

Benefits of Yoga

The poses taught in our classes (called asanas) can vary depending on the type of Yoga practised. Modern day science confirms Yoga has tangible physical benefits that include improved brain function and denser bones.

Ashtenga, Vinyasa and Bikram are among the preferred variations of Yoga included in our sessions by the all-women team of class leaders at Better Yoga. Each type of Yoga has a slightly different focus, and our classes cater for all interests and abilities.

Movement and vitality through Yoga

Regularly practising Yoga is a great foundation for a healthy existence. Improve your flexibility and build muscle strength, increase oxygen to the blood cells and gain an inner beauty that will encourage a naturally healthier diet and lifestyle.

The three main types of movements used throughout most Yoga types are standing poses, inversions, and back and forward bends. Each designed to stimulate different bodily systems.

For example:

  • Standing poses strengthen leg muscles, open the hips and flex the back, improving circulation to the lower extremities.
  • Upside-down poses such as headstands, called inversions, increase blood flow to the heart, lungs and brain. They also stimulate the lymph nodes to move toxins out of the body which is beneficial for the lymphatic system.
  • Back bends make the spine more flexible, stimulate the central nervous system, and could help people deal with negative emotions.
  • Forward bends are calming and restorative for exhaustion and blood pressure.

Attend one of our classes today, enjoy the friendly interaction with like-minded ladies in the welcoming atmosphere of our Brisbane studio. We have a great offer for our on-line followers, sign up for our 30 day Yoga class money back trial and you will receive a free Yoga mat.

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