Vegetarian Restaurant for Meat-Eaters


A fictional, entertaining account of meat-eaters dining out at a vegetarian restaurant.

By Carolyn Smith

Worongary QLD



Elixiba! An exciting name for a highly anticipated eatery now open on the Gold Coast. The food court known as The Kitchens at Robina Town Centre is overlooked by a balcony area to take you above the crowd. Past the grand piano placed with an invitation to for anyone to play, the flowing, wood carved décor of Elixiba attracts the growing number of diners eager to try vegetarian cuisine.

Master-Chef finalist Trudy Taylor has devised a concept eatery that promises a seasonal menu that’s vegan and gluten free. Gardening Australia presenter Greg Sontagg has designed the perfect setting for his partner’s culinary creations. Following the success of their flagship eatery in Maroochydore, Elixiba has now spread its organic branches down to the Gold Coast and Byron Bay.

My dinner companions and I have come for an early dinner on Friday night. Movie-goers and end-of-week survivors are grabbing a quick bite down-stairs, but here above the crowd the worries of the working week fade with the first cocktail. Tiana, our token vegan, has put up with finding anything edible on past dining expeditions and is looking forward to a rewarding experience.


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